Marketing & PR

HR branding Besides communicating the big idea behind any company through design, reaching out the potential employees has become an important part of branding nowadays. Here is where we can help you deliver the message to those who will fit into your existing staff perfectly. HR branding, being the combination of knowledge from PR, marketing, MR management, and branding, will be of great help when it comes to creating ideal teams.

Employee handbook Communicating the company’s mission and delivering the message about the internal regulations is easy to be done via the employee handbook. This is the first thing an employee gets when entering a new company. That’s why it is important to design it according to the company’s branding, as well as to tell the story of the company is a way to motivate and fascinate the newcomer from the very first moment of the relationship. With our employee handbook projects, we not only create the design but help in the preparation of the content sustaining the tone of voice, messaging, and carrying the idea behind the company’s activity.

Brand Audit What is the perception of your brand, does it deliver the messages the company carries out? These are the first questions we ask when enrolling in a brand audit project. We carefully and thoroughly look at all the aspects of the brand from the perspective of the internal and external public. Various technological tools are being utilized, as well a comparison with competing brands is being undertaken. Brand audit is the first step in re-branding. It helps understand the starting point for the new brand transformation.

Marketing and PR Strategy In a fast pace of modern life, a well-design strategy for marketing and PR activities stresses its importance for the business. It identifies the targets, goals, and the way to transform resources into results.