Brand Identity

Logo Design In the frames of brand identity design, we take care to develop a logo, which is a perfect fit with the client’s expectations and business developments. The logo design is handled after a series of research – idea, creative, customers, product category best practices, and competitions.

Identity Design Followed by the logo design, identity design is created. This is a part of a brand that is used in various ways of communication, and it helps our client to be identified at any time needed.

Brand Guidelines Realizing the importance of the idea behind any logotypes that we create, we present them in brand guidelines, which clearly state how and in which way to demonstrate the logo and brand identity. The guidelines help our clients choose not only the sizes, safe zones, colors, and shapes, but also materials, day and night lightening of signage, as well as the way of placement, such as color or monochrome printing, embroidery, emboss, foil emboss, etc.

Concept Designs In a variety of cases, we don’t wait until a company approaches us. There are some fascinating products and companies, which we believe need a re-thought branding. Thus, we create concepts, which may not necessarily be used or put into circulation. We enhance our skills and ability to dive deep into an idea from the outside while working on concept designs.