Brand Strategy

None of the branding projects is like another. And even in this situation, we keep the service consistent. This is because we have predefined steps which are further filled with the idea, sense, design, and implementation. Depending on the project, some elements may vary.

Brand platform The process of branding is launched with brand platform development which defines the myth, mission, vision, core values, and positioning of the brand. The process is done through in-depth interviews and/or research with the client’s representatives. The brand platform is demarcated according to the Jungian archetypes system, where a brand may be based on one or multiple archetypes.

Naming In some cases, the branding project also includes naming, especially since the company is undergoing rebranding and/or repositioning. The naming proposals are made also based on the selected archetype, as well as the client’s customer expectations/perceptions.

Brand Architecture If a company owns more than 2 brands, we also build brand architecture ensuring the correct interconnections between them. This enables to have the same visual and verbal communication, enlarging the influence on the customers.

Tone Of Voice And tone of voice is another important aspect of communication. Understanding its importance, we also focus on finding the best match for it with the brand platform, positioning and customers’ perceptions.