Packaging As a part of brand communication, packaging is an important way to showcase the company’s values. Thus, we pay special attention to the packaging and make sure, it is not only aesthetic, but also serves the idea of the product, makes it easy to use for the customer, and communicates the company’s message to its customers.

Logo animation When it comes to digital representation, a company needs a logo animation. This, for sure, enlarges the opportunity for visibility. Meanwhile, we develop animations in a way to be in line with the brand platform, concepts that drive our client.

Typography Design The world is a huge map of various alphabets, unique and similar, simple and complex, new and old. Typography design is a way to celebrate the beauty and exceptionality of an alphabet. To be honest, we are always thrilled to create fonts for not common alphabets, as it is another opportunity to dive into the niches of history, understand the interconnections of shapes and sound and present it in such a simple way, that any designer is able to use it in a project. Here are some free fonts by Braind.

Illustrations are another way to present the brand in a new light. Just like font, here we examine the symbols and come up with the ones that are the exact fit for the clients and their activity. Usually, illustrations are a part of a branding project and are provided in the brand guidelines.